HOON SUNG OPTICAL CO. The expert company which specialized in Spectacles Optical Frames and Fashion Sunglasses. We provide the Best Quality Products and trust to our clients based on strong and outstanding technology.
See Better, Look Better, Feel Better! The expert company which specialized in Spectacles Optical Frames and Fashion Sunglasses.



Hoon Sung Optical Co. was established in 1993 under the basic philosophy, ‘For the Customers, For the Future.’ Since its establishment, Hoon Sung Optical Co. has been leading the optical industry with its wide range of products and creative designs while following the ethical path in business.
Rather than trying to make a name out of oneself, Hoon Sung Optical Co. has been driven by the conviction to introduce the Korean eyeglasses fashion to the world. As an INNO-BIZ certified business with several certificates such as CE, FDA, ISO, it is producing high quality products with NICKEL FREE, TITANIUM, SAFE, and NATURAL FRAME materials through the development of new materials and technology every year. In particular, WOOD & HORN FRAME is highly evaluated worldwide. The company is selected as an export promising small and medium-sized company in Daegu City, and it is currently one of the manufacturers of the joint brand “Chimeric” in Daegu City.

Its high growth rate despite its short history was through continuous investments and creation to produce differentiated, high-quality and diversified products suitable for the 21st century, breaking the existing frame and ideas while keeping up with customer demands. Consequently, 90% of our products are being exported to over 60 countries around the world.
In addition, we conduct quality inspections via certified agencies every year, acquiring several quality certification marks. We also look for new material development and technology by attending global expos, and received high evaluations from overseas customers.
At the Daegu DIOPS, we have launched new products such as fashion eyeglasses, sunglasses, industrial safety glasses, sunglasses, and sports goggles under the name of the local brand by Daegu City, “Chimeric”. In the future, we plan to advance to the world market and open Chimeric branch retail stores in over 100 countries worldwide.

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